Columbia Road Flower Market

Every Sunday morning Columbia Road overflows with beautiful flowers. There are buckets and buckets full of vividly coloured plants, shrubs, and bulbs. While the market has been going on since 1869 I didn’t even know about it until last week and on the Sunday I headed to their just before it closed for the week.

This post is FULL of images of beautiful flowers – enjoy!

Initially the market started of as food market on Saturdays. Since then it’s declined, changed, had a resurgence, and everything in between. For about half a century it’s become famous and renowned as a flower market from 8am to 2pm, though I think the start and end times are very flexible (the fact that I didn’t know about it says a lot about me rather than anything about it).

Even though we went at about 2:20 in the afternoon the place was still heaving and while flowers were running out and stalls becoming emptier it really didn’t look as if it was going to close any time soon. Going to a flower market is the kind of thing I would like to do on a Sunday and actually being able to do it was brilliant. but it does mean that I have the bug and can’t wait to go back!

Do any of you recommend any other markets in or around the London area? i would love to try some more.

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