HIIT training with Hobbie Stuart and Virgin Active UK


When Virgin Active UK invited me to a HIIT session with them and musician and YouTuber Hobbie Stuart one evening last week I was very happy to go along after work. I have fallen in love with HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) just as I have fallen in love with running and yoga.

The workout is part of a series they are running called My Workout For and in this case it was a workout for Ibiza. While I am not going to Ibiza I was very happy to substitute that for Sri Lanka (where I have just flown too, woop woop!). I was dreading someone telling me that this workout is the perfect way to get ‘beach body ready’ but thankfully no one did. (This is a phrase I would like to burn with fire since everyone is always beach body ready.) Instead the Ibiza element of the workout came in the form of games we all played. I was skeptical – I think my default is either skepticism or shyness – but I was quickly converted once we started just because they were so much fun! You can see that from the massive grin on my face.



The two team games we played came in between weight circuits and high intensity 20 second workouts followed by a 10 second rest (repeat for a total of four minutes).

What was very interesting was that the bloggers and people invited weren’t all fitness bloggers or at all involved in the fitness industry. There were makeup bloggers and vloggers around and Hobbie Stuart fans, which is why I think I was in the very small minority with wishing the session was longer! If we had done everything again I wouldn’t have minded at all.

Just have a look at the amazing pictures Virgin Active UK sent me (also hello epic leggings!)


Once the class was over there were some light refreshments for us all. This included water, protein bars (from various different companies) and possibly the best thing ever – strawberry shots with actual strawberries in them! I *may* have had three of these shots and unlike other strawberry based drinks these weren’t too sweet or even slightly disgusting. I was very impressed and it was a lovely end to the workout.

Thank you so much Virgin Avtive Uk and Hobbie!

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