Reviewing the new Nike Training Club app


I have been using the Nike Training Club (NTC) app for a long time now on and off and very recently the app went through a massive renovations making everything so much better. Finding workouts, saving them, following them, and enjoying the whole app is so much better. Last week I had the chance to spend a good amount of time playing with the app and doing some workouts, here are my thoughts!

To use the app you have to log in and then it takes you to the home screen. The home screen shows your options – Featured, Workouts, and My Plan.

Featured showcases the featured workout of the moment which in this case has been created by decathlete Ashton Eaton. As a side note, that is one thing I love about Nike – they make full use of the athletes the sponsor to showcase the different workouts.

Workouts is place to go if you want to search for a specific workout – more about that later.

My Plan is all for creating custom plans which will then form or suit your existing training schedule.

The one I was most interested in was Workouts since I always found finding non-equipment based workouts quite difficult under the app’s old incarnation. This time though things are so much easier – you click on Workouts and there is an option for the level of workout you want and if you want it to have equipment or not. As I was working out at home in my garden I also didn’t really want to lie on the ground – sadly this is way too specific a requirement and I had to do some actual searching! (Woe is definitely me!)

In the end there were two workouts I did – one which was 15 minutes, Balancing Bears, and one which was 30, Fleet of Foot. The first massive change in the workouts is how each workout has a video playing which shows you exactly how you need to do the move – previously you had to stop and press for the video to play. This is so much easier – while there is a countdown before the next move starts you can watch how you need to do it. But if you don’t want this then you can change the way you view the workouts by having all the moves shown as a list.

I especially love that the timer countdown down how long you need to do each move is now at the bottom as you can see from this rest picture (my favourite move).

Balancing Bears –┬áThis workout I was genuinely really excited to try because of the bear crawls! I LOVE bear crawls because they really work my core whilst also being really, really fun.

Fleet of Foot – All about quick feet and speed work. While both workouts work best in a larger┬áspace I love how the app adapts it to smaller spaces making it convenient for all.

Have a look at these pictures so you can see exactly how the workouts look when you use the app. You get the workout creator’s name as well as a breakdown of the moves before you even start.

And this is how the workout looks when you actually do it and it moves automatically from one move to the next without you having to inturrupt your sweat session to manually do it:

As much as I love all of this the greatest thing is the badge you receive at the end once you have completed it – that I loved!


I hope you all give this app a go – the workouts are fun and varied in terms of time and intensity level – there really is something for everyone!

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