Travel Diaries – Sri Lanka: Galle

Galle was the next stop in our Sri Lankan adventure. After Nuwara Eliya we have travelled to the south of the country to our hotel in the beach town of Hikkaduwa. I will be writing more about our beach adventures in the next Travel Diary and instead wanted to spend this post writing about the afternoon trip we took to neighbouring Galle. This city is famous for its Dutch-colonial buildings, its art trade, and most wonderfully a historic fort which you can walk around.

We were attracted to Galle because of the ruined Fort. It’s 36-hectares and surrounded on three sides by the ocean. We spent so much time wondering the old walls and streets, slowly making our way round enjoying an ice cream and the view. The Fort is now a Unesco World Heritage Site and not only very popular with tourists but also really popular with locals. Turns out it’s a prime dating location!

I’m sure all of you know Instagram is full of people doing yoga on the beach. When I try to do this sand goes everywhere so instead I tried it on the cliffs of Galle and frankly it’s so much better. Yoga has always needed an element of danger and now it’s perfect!


We ended up staying in Galle for dinner. Initially we wanted to watch the sunset but the weather wasn’t on our side and with the clouds we couldn’t much. Instead we had a few drinks and food in One Minute By Tuk Tuk a lovely restaurant which served an ice latte I still think about. It was on the eastern side of the Fort and the views were stunning.

I spend a lot of my holidays hiking or just being active. Even though this was a walk there was nothing strenuous about it and I loved just sitting and talking with Sister and Friends well into the night.


In the evening we headed back to Hikkaduwa, a beach town where we were only spending the night. Our next location was Bentota where not only was there a beach but a massive lake with water calm enough to try some water sports!

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