Spending the morning at the Mayfield Lavender Fields

Lavender is by far my favourite scent. I love it more than any other, though jasmine is definitely a close second. Last weekend Sister suggested we visit the Mayfield Lavender Fields I was very, very excited. They are only just a little over an hour’s drive from London and more stunning then I thought they would be.

Wonderfully, we happened to pick a day when the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

I remember having a lavender plant in our garden when I was younger. It was this giant of a thing, woody with age and absolutely full of flowers when summer rolled around. Thanks to all of the sweet smelling flowers it was also full of bees and I was terrified of bees. What I didn’t know then was how rare bees would become and how important they are. Now as an adult my fear has subsided and I loved seeing all the bees enjoying the lavender. Not just countless bees but also beautiful butterflies.

Even though we arrived there very early there were still a fair number of people already there. However, by the time we left, the place was heaving. Mayfield Lavender Farms charge one pound per adult to come and visit. You can’t pick the lavender but you can buy it from the shop, and you can’t eat in the fields or bring your own food to eat on their tables. We didn’t know this so we had our homemade picnic in the car!

I loved how convenient it was to get to Mayfield Lavender Farm – they have excellent public transport connections too and all of the information is on their website.

If you do go I definitely recommend going in the morning as it is a lot quieter and you get a lot more chance to wander and explore without bumping into people. Also if you chose to go by car then there is more chance you get parking too!

I love spending time like this outside and I am also valuing it more and more. Of course I loved the lavender but I also loved the bees! I love how close it is to London and how easy it was to get there. Thank you Mayfield Lavender Farm for the wonderful morning!


    • Rosh 16th August 2016 / 7:06 am

      If you ever get the chance I recommend it so much! It’s such a fun way to spend the morning or afternoon

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