Travel Diaries: Sri Lanka – Bentota

Bentota was our second last stop on our Ski Lankan holiday before we made our way back to Colombo. For this leg of our journey we’d booked ourselves into the stunning Avani Resort which had massive grounds and a beach right outside. But as this is us we weren’t content with staying in the hotel and enjoying everything they had to offer, oh no. We wanted to explore more of what Bentota had to offer, namely water sports.

Bentota is beach town situated on the southern bank of Bentota River. Wonderfully the name of the town is derived from a mythical story where the demon Bem ruled the tota – or river bank. As we were in Sri Lanka during the off-season we weren’t allowed to do any water sports in the sea. Instead we went to a massive fresh water lake where the waters were much calmer and the sun shining. It was the perfect place for canoeing, jet skiing, and wind surfing!

My favourite out of the three has to be canoeing but not by much. I also loved wind surfing but sadly my knees didn’t and by the end of the three hour session they were staring to ache. Also really badly bruised / fractured my tail bone at some point while wind surfing (still trying to recover from that!)

I also have to take this moment to talk about running on the beach while in Bentota. I did it and it hurt. I had no idea that beach running is so difficult – every step felt more laborious than normal and it took me a while to realise that running as close to the water is better as that is where the sand is the most compact. It was still fun and I was very glad to get a run in.

In Bentota, like everywhere else in Sri Lanka we had booked hotels with breakfast included. Not only is it the most important meal of the day it is also the most delicious. In the Avani resort the breakfast was amazing and my stomach is rumbling just thinking about it.

This wonderful chef made traditional hoppers for me and I thought I was in heaven. They were absolutely delicious.

Bentota is also famous for having beaches full of turtle eggs and before we left we made our way to a turtle hatchery.

I hated leaving Bentota – the food, the hotel, the atmosphere – it was everything I expected and more. It also meant that the end of our holiday was drawing to a close but there was one stop left – Colombo!

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    • Rosh 5th August 2016 / 12:51 pm

      It really, really was! x

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      It really was!

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