Travel Diaries: The Peak District

A little while ago Sister and I decided to book a last minute holiday. On a Sunday earlier in August we decided to go to the Peak District and a few days later we were in the National Park. We’d planned a holiday full of walking and natural beauty. Thankfully with the weather behaving perfectly that’s exactly what we got.

The two of us decided that this was the perfect holiday to also take our parents on as we are all a family of walkers. We were in the Peak District for five days with the plan being to walk every day in the morning if possible and then visit some local sights. In our case the local sights were tea rooms and we managed to go to a different tea room almost every single day! However the highlight was the walks we did and this post is going to be about them and some of the beautiful things we saw.

Mam Tor

This was the first walk we did in the Peak District and as we’d driven there is was short and sweet and a perfect introduction to the holiday. There was the option of making the walk much, much longer but we decided against it. We took our time and enjoyed the views and chatting to the locals. It was my first introduction to the concept of talking to random strangers without feeling strange or out of place. Everyone there says ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’ as they pass by. It was a culture shock but I loved it.

Chatsworth House

Day two in the Peak District saw us visit Chatsworth House. Having looked at the weather forecast this was the day when there were going to be the most clouds and least warmth. Choosing to spend it in the inside of a magnificent home was the perfect solution since we really didn’t want to stay in the cottage. Of course we didn’t just stay in the cottage – we donned our raincoats and made our way into their magnificent grounds, exploring it all.

Both the house and the grounds were far more eclectic than I had expected. There was such a variety of artefacts inside and a whole selection of artwork outside. Discovering it all was very fun – especially the shoe!

The coolest thing about this house is that it is where Pride and Prejudice was filmed and seeing where Darcy chased after Elizabeth made us all smile.


Day three in the Peak District saw us do our longest walk of the whole trip – almost five hours! We walked from town to town, through (what seemed like all the) fields, and up to the top of the world before heading back.

We passed Dovedale in the middle of the walk. It was full of people and families and stepping stones!

Monsal Trail

Day four in the Peak District saw us walk along the Monsal Trail and this was by far The Fathership’s most favourite walk. Part of the walk we did took us along unused railway lines and beautiful bridges. The highlight of this walk was the view from the very top. When I was reading the instructions of how to get there, they did mention that the views are better during winter. Until we reached the top I didn’t really understand what they meant. As we went in summer everything was lush and in full bloom and that meant all we saw were trees!

Stanage Edge

Day five and our last day in the Peak District took us to Stanage Edge. Situated on the moors north of Hathersage and visible from miles away in Hope Valley, the gritstone edge is one of the most popular walking sports in the whole of the Peak District.

I can’t actually think of a better walk we could have done to end the walk. Everything about Stanage Edge was absolutely stunning. We had parked the car in the car park just at the beginning of the walk and after a very steep climb up we enjoyed views for miles and miles. We took our time with that walk, enjoying everything and savouring the day.

The Peak District was an absolutely stunning holiday and one we all needed. We are an active family and we chose to walk and ramble every day. Thanks to this I grew very accustomed to fresh air and the smell of livestock poo!

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