Adidas presents PureBOOST X – HIIT and run!

Last week adidas celebrated the launch of their new Pure BOOST X running trainers with a series of events in London. There were the trainers all of TeamGB had been wearing in Rio and I really wanted to try them on. The event I went to was a 45 minute HIIT session hosted on the roof of The Printworks Club followed by a 3k run to The Sports Edit.

It was a beautiful evening for a HIIT session on a rooftop. With the gentle breeze I didn’t feel like shedding my skin either! The session was hosted by Tara Margulies¬†and she led us through a HIIT session full of circuits and core work. The circuits consisted of lunges, squats, burpees and push ups. We even did pike push ups which I don’t think I’d ever done before. They are now a workout staple.

I am sorry for how blurry the photos turned out – most of them were taken without a single thought or a review. And most of them were taken while I was moving.

Once the HIIT session was over we ran through the streets of Chelsea to The Sports Edit where we had been told food was waiting for us. By this point I was incredibly sweaty, hungry, and on a massive endorphin high.

Once we were at the store not only was there delicious food – including wonderful vegetarian options – but also a photobooth! The store also had some of the latest collections, including adidas’ latest, and it was very hard to resist buying it all.

While I had a fantastic time, what really made the evening was the PureBOOST X trainers. We were all given the chance to wear the trainers for both the HIIT and the run and I appreciated getting to try them. These PureBOOST X are the ultimate crossover between fashion and function. There is a gold pair which is even more drool worthy but these red ones are still pretty epic. They are neutral trainers and while I don’t run in Pure BOOST X, the trainers I do run in have boost technology (I run in Supernova BOOSTs). These are extremely bouncy and for my knees and hips that isn’t a good thing but for this one session my body didn’t complain. The added support and cushioning on the heel really helps runners with a heel stride.

The thing I loved about them most though was how they fit. They are snug and fit like you are wearing socks. I was given half a size bigger than my usual trainer size and that was needed because otherwise it would have been painful. However with this allowance they were perfect. They never once felt as if my feet would slip out.

Thank you very much adidas and The Sports Edit was the amazing session and the chance to try on these beautiful shoes!

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