7 Things for September


Happy September! I love it when a new month begins. These posts really help me to focus my energy and drive, even if I don’t always achieve all that I wanted to. For me September always marks the beginning of Autumn, my favourite season. I love this time of year just before the winter chill sets in even if the shorter days and longer nights take some adjusting too.

  • Get my hands on the Autumn / Winter 2016 edition of The Gentlewoman. Hands down this is my favourite magazine. I love this bi-annual publication and this issue looks as incredible as the rest. Starring is the author Zadie Smith who will be talking about her new novel Swing Time. Along with her is the legendary literary editor Diana Athill; queen of environmental campaigning Erin Brockovich; fashion dynamo Clare Waight Keller; the ingenious artist Helen Marten; polymath pop star Natasha Khan; and the exceptional menswear designer Grace Wales Bonner. I can’t recommend this magazine enough. As a side note The Getlewoman introduced me to Call Your Girlfriend and I will forever be grateful for that.
  • Start doing some longer runs. It has been a while since my Paris Marathon and subsequent injury and I really want to start working on my distances again. As the temperature is getting cooler, this is the perfect month to get back on this particular horse.
  • Last month I wrote about being more careful with my money and I am very, very happy with how that is going. I don’t know if I will include it every month but writing this goal down makes me stick to it even more.
  • Poldark; sexy scything scene. If these things mean nothing to you then google it. The second series is starting this weekend and it has my name on it!
  • I really want to be more tolerant of people. I am not talking in terms of religion or culture but more personality. There is one new member of my extended family who has managed to really irritate me. When I am with her I want to take a deep breath and be polite.
  • Get through my to-be-read pile. There are so many books on this but two in particular, Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight and Jessie Burton’s The Muse which I definitely want to finish before October.
  • Do something with my eyebrows. I want fuller eyebrows but my way of getting that is to leave them alone. This has made them a little bit thicker, certainly, but also a lot more untidy. Time to visit someone or get the tweezer out!

So that’s my list for September! What are you plans for this month? Let me know in the comments – I love reading them!

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