A Monday State of Mind – Shitting Glitter

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. While I was at home it didn’t matter; I was at home. While I was on the train it also didn’t matter; I had a book. As soon as I got into work, it mattered. I wanted to be anywhere else. Everywhere else. I just didn’t want to be at my desk. On Friday I was vomiting rainbows and shitting glitter because the weekend was around the corner and today I am crying tears of despair mixed with woe-is-me. I need to change my Monday state of mind.

Friday is spent longing for Saturday. Saturday is spent longing for the day to not end. Sunday is spent dreading Monday. Monday is spent hating the world. I need to change my attitude because unless I quit on life and became a lady of leisure (in other words, bored out of my mind) Monday will always mean the start of a new working week.

When did this become something I despair? I won’t lie and say that I feel like this every Monday but it is happening a little more often than I would like. And maybe this means I need to think long and hard about my current job but in the short term I want some quick fixes to just make me feel better. Because if you’re like me and Mondays drain your soul there has to be something we can do to make it feel like a Friday.

I had a think and wrote down a list of what I need to start doing to get myself shitting glitter on Mondays:

  • I sleep fairly well but it never seems like enough. It’s high time I started sleeping earlier.
  • Stop procrastinating. If I plough through the emails and all the work on Monday it means the rest of the week is so much better. That’s always a win isn’t it?
  • My outfit. I need to start planning what I will wear on Monday before I knock out on the Sunday. Chose a power outfit: an outfit which will make me smile or even someone else. Something bright and cheerful. Today I am wearing lace and when I spot myself in the mirror I feel good so that’s a win.
  • Savour my first coffee of the week. There is nothing quite like it.
  • Have an excellent book on the go which makes you want to stop doing everything else and read. Well this might not help with the whole work situation but it makes me happy and I’ll take it.
  • Going outside at lunch. I try and do this every day but must especially on a Monday. I need the natural light to make me feel alive.
  • Have a good podcast waiting to be listened to. I usually enjoy listening to the sounds of other people working and discussing their work but there are some days when it is just silent. That silence is so oppressive and definitely doesn’t help.

I have no idea if these things will work but I am willing to give them a try. More than that I am willing to stick with them to see if my Monday state of mind improves. Sunday shouldn’t be spent dreading the return of Monday. Sunday should be spent doing any or all of the following: eating amazing food, visiting friends and family, sitting at home in front of the TV wrapped in a blanket, making love to your partner, and not moving unless you really have to. I don’t want to waste the day by thinking about work.

And I don’t expect to wake up on a Monday with actual glitter in my shit at the excitement of going to work. I would just like to wake up and not hate that it’s a Monday. And this isn’t because I am depressed, I’m not. I’m just angry and that’s exhausting. But sometimes for me not being angry is a choice and choosing to do the above I hope will help. I want Monday to be more like Friday, full of actual excitement and rainbows. So I will try the stuff I hope works and keep my fingers crossed.

I want that rainbow vomiting feeling every day of the week but I’ll settle for flowers.

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