Brunch at The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch

Poached eggs, grilled avocado, roasted mushroom, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, fresh beetroot, and cantaloupe melon, with goji berries and pistachios… tell me your stomach isn’t rumbling from reading that. When I went to The Blues Kitchen last weekend my eyes initially went to the pancakes. Then I read what was in their Healthy Breakfast and my eyes grew as large as my stomach. Forget the pancakes and give me the eggs and asparagus!

The Blues Kitchen reminded me of a diner, a cool diner. The walls were old and worn on purpose, the tables made out of different textures and colours (again on purpose), and there was a caravan at the back. A man was sitting by the piano playing live and there was sunlight streaming in through the windows. I was ready for this brunch.

My juice of choice was the Orange & Ginger mainly because I love ginger. As delicious as it was I wish I had asked for it with no ice since all that frozen water took up a lot of space which instead could have gone to more ginger.

The Healthy Breakfast was what I was most looking forward to and I don’t think it will surprise anyone when I say that I loved it. Those ingredients worked so well together without any of them overpowering the other. The eggs were poached perfectly and the avocado grilled to perfection. The only problem for me was that everything had a very mild flavour. I would have loved a little lemon or lime juice on top just to bring it all to life. However that’s a very small complaint and something I quickly forgot about as I tucked in.

Brunch at The Blues Kitchen could only really be called a success once I had tried their latte. They don’t have soya lattes so for the first time in about a year I had a diary latte. I’d forgotten how delicious they taste.

I really recommend brunch in The Blues Kitchen. I went to the one in Shoreditch but they also have restaurants in Camden and Brixton.

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