7 Things for October

October! I remember when I wrote 7 Things For July how amazed I was that 2016 was already in its seventh month. Well now it’s in its tenth and I am even more amazed. This year is really flying by! October means Autumn, my favourite season. I miss the warmth of summer but I love the colour of nature and the cool, crisp air. This is my month for changing things up and adding some spice to my life and routine. So without any further ado here are my hopes and plans for October!

  1. I really, really want to change my hairstyle. I feel as if I have had the same hair since the beginning of time and I am so bored of it. I have booked myself an appointment and want something really different. I am thinking of getting a fringe for the first time in my life and am actually really excited about the prospect!
  2. I want to start writing with a fountain pen because nothing screams ‘I’m cool’ than using a writing equipment that’s almost as old as the quill.
  3. A very cool opportunity landed on my lap – to run the Royal Parks Half next week – and even though I am not as ready as I would like to be I want to have the best time possible.
  4. I am actually on a massive book reading roll but I need to start writing more reviews for them all. So in October I want to get into a more regular book reviewing habit.
  5. And along the same lines, I used to write so much fiction and poetry. This October if I can pen a short story or a poem or just delve a little more into my imagination I will be over the moon. And if I can do that all with my new fountain pen, then even better.
  6. I am so good spending time with my family that I sometimes feel I neglect my friends. So this month I definitely want to go out with friends a lot more and strengthen those bonds.
  7. I really want to be more green with the clothes I buy. I have started to change things (my period paraphernalia is a lot more green as are the skin care products I use) but clothing is a massive £££ business and I want to be a lot more selective with where I choose to spend my money. I have realised over the last few months how precious money is and how it really matters where I choose to spend it.

So what do you all think? I really love my October list and am looking forward to tackling some of these! What do you all have planned for October? Let me know in the comments!

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