Hip Hop Yoga at Sweaty Betty with Tapped Trees


Hip-hop Yoga reworks classic and traditional yoga poses over hip-hop tracks. I was invited to a class earlier this week at Sweaty Betty Soho. Tapped Trees were hosting it and Emily was our teacher extraordinaire. There were also going to be little candles and fairy lights. Win, win, win.


When I told The Fathership about this class he said to me that I really shouldn’t go to such ‘weird classes’. He did take his words back but it was a reminder to never talk about the tantric sex yoga class I was invited to where nudity was strictly optional. I didn’t go to that class but I won’t lie, I am curious! Moving on…the class earlier in the week consisted of my favourite type of yoga, Vinyasa Flow. And just in case he is reading this, it wasn’t weird at all. It was calming, stress relieving, sweaty, and ridiculously entertaining.


The idea of the hip-hip is to add a more fun element to the class whilst still staying true to the fundamental elements of Vinyasa. Hip-hop is poetry and fusing that form of creativity with the practice of yoga was a very enlightening workout. My body really felt the rhythm of the beat and I was singing along whenever I knew a track. I found it easier to push myself to go further into a stretch when Soil Li Soul where telling me to come back to life, back to reality.

The class started with Emily asking us to set an intention but more than that she wanted us to picture someone to whom we wanted to send all the positive energy we created. As a selfish creature I had a) never thought of this and b) never done it. I think this was the absolute highlight of the class for me. It made me use something I was doing and creating for the benefit of other people and that was wonderful. Wait, hold up. Does this also mean I am starting to embrace the spiritual and mindful side of yoga? The me from a year ago wouldn’t recognise the me now.







I absolutely loved this class. Emily’s style of teaching is so approachable and light. She asked us all to pay real attention to our breathing and I also tried lion’s breathing for the first time (exhale with mouth open and tongue out – I dare you to do it now!). There was also one hilarious moment featuring the pose Happy Baby. In my head I have never been able to match this pose with it’s name because of the way it looks. When we were doing this pose and all of us were being very happy babies, Emily tells that she once heard this pose called Happy Husbands or Happy Wives – I couldn’t stop laughing. This is exactly how I see the pose!

It’s moments like that which have made yoga accessible for me and I treasure them. Otherwise I would still be po-faced about it and just not try it.

I can’t thank Tapped Trees and Emily enough for the class and the goodies after!

All pictures are courtesy of Tapped Trees.

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