Sweat, Sacrifice, and Sleepless Nights at Stylist Live

Stylist Live, the festival of inspiration was back for the second year last week and on the Friday I was there. Last year I was lucky enough to win an upgrade and have my standard ticket turn into a VIP one. Stylist Live know how to treat their VIPs and as I enjoyed the experience so much there year I decided to buy a VIP ticket as soon as I could. However deciding which day to go was much, much harder until I saw that on the Friday there was a talk called Sweat, Sacrifice, and Sleepless Nights: Heroes of Rio 2016.

I was sold.

I made sure I was there as soon as the doors opened at 10am. This is definitely my advice to you all if you decide to go in 2018 (because it will be back!) For a glorious hour it’s a lot quieter: stalls are opening and the VIP lounge only has about five people in it. I went in, dropped off my coat and bags before having a quick look and getting my nails done!

They were offering a lot of treatments for VIPs (including hair by Dyson, makeup by Urban Decay) but I didn’t have time for more than my nails because the Heroes of Rio talk was about to begin.

Sweat, Sacrifice, and Sleepless Nights: Heroes of Rio 2016

Journalist and author of Eat, Sweat, Play Anna Kessal was joined by Team GB gold medal winners cyclist, Joanna Rowsell Shand, rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, and Paralympic GB gold medallist swimmer Ellie Simmonds. I love Anna Kessal and had the pleasure of meeting her earlier this year at the launch party of Eat, Sweat, Play. https://roshetc.com/2016/06/16/eat-sweat-play-with-anna-kessel/ As for the athletes, well, I was excitedly in awe especially when they all then pulled out their medals.

Anna’s first question was what they hated most about their training regimes. Answers ranged from always being wet (swimmer Ellie) to constantly being on a bike saddle (cyclist Jo) to the cold (rower Heather) and to always being stuck with the same person! That last one was from rower Helen who won with Heather and probably because of the teasing you could see how much the two of them got along.

Recently Ellie also spoke about how she stole the extension cable from the Paralympic village. It turns out Jo did exactly the same from the London 2012 Olympic village! As we, the audience, quickly discovered the stage was full of thieves and cheats! Helen lied on her talent identification application form where the height requirement was 5’11. At only 5’9 she was convinced she was taller until she went there and had to spend the whole day on tiptoes!

I was loving every single moment. The four athletes talked about their training schedule, how it felt to win gold, the pressure of winning gold, and their luck and privilege of being able to play sport and compete as a career. And when the talk ended there was a collection groan from the audience. We would have loved for it to last at least a few hours more.


Once I left the inspiration Stage (feeling very inspired and itching to go out for a run) I headed to the catwalk. Like last year, Stylist Live showcased five key trends for Autumn Winter 16/17.

5 – Spice World

4 – The Navy Coat

3 – Sportswear

2 – Velvet Goldmine

1 – Intergalactic

Every single piece of clothing worn by the models is available now on the high street and we were all given sheets explaining exactly which clothes from which shops make up each look. I loved this but it does mean I now have a very, very long shopping list!

Experimental Perfume Club

An addition to last year’s Stylist Live this year there were classes being run by notonthehighstreet and their partners. I managed to have the change to create my own fragrance with Experimental Perfume Club. The founder of Experiemntal Perfume Club, Emmanuelle Moeglin talked us through the basics of perfume and I chose to create something light but long lasting to compliment all the sweating I do when running!

Stylist Live

Once I’d grabbed some food in the VIP lounge – all you can eat food and drink makes the VIP ticket so worthwhile – I headed down into Stylist Live proper, having a look at all the stalls and yes, shopping! I popped into Tada & Toy and left with a new ear cuff, and House of Sunny and a left with their beautiful  Five Way Point Dress.

There were many brands I already knew and loved and new ones all of which I loved discovering. Last year I definitely spent more money than I should on things I didn’t really want. This year I was a lot more mindful of what I was looking at and if I really wanted it. I am not the kind of person who denies themselves all their wants and only spends money on their needs but money is very important and I am trying to be more careful about where I spend it.

Stylist live is always such a wonderful way to spend the day. I am already looking forward to 2018!

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