My favourite coffee shops in London

2016 has been a big year for me mainly because this is the year I Fell In Love With Coffee. I fell in love with the taste and smell and think I have drunk enough to know a good one from a bad one. But I can’t call myself an expert and know next to nothing about beans except they all seem to be named after their country of origin. Instead I know the places where I love the coffee I am served and in this post I bring 3 of my favourite coffee shops in London.

The independent coffee scene in London has grown so much in just a few years. Now there are so many amazing places to try; little nooks to read and sip, or chat and laugh. My coffee of choice is always a soya latte but the shops I talk about below have everything you could want, from a rich mocha, to a sharp espresso.

  1. Flat White

Flat White is definitely the coffee lovers’ coffee shop. I went there for the first time after multiple recommendations.  It’s tiny, in the middle of Soho, and when I went on a cold Autumnal day, very warm. I sat and had my soya latte as I watched people buy their morning breakfasts before they (and I) headed into work. My soya Latte was delicious and finished very, very quickly.

  1. Kaffeine

Another coffee shop just a couple minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus station, Kaffeine was where I found myself on another morning with a little bit of time to kill and the desire to drink some good coffee. The space was bright and airy and I found a table tucked in the far back corner. All tables were sharing so every now and again I moved so someone else could either sit or leave but apart from that I was in peace to drink my coffee. Once again my drink of choice was a soya latte. It was very, very good and the perfect accompaniment to my book.

  1. Brooklyn Coffee

Hands down my favourite place to get coffee has to be Brooklyn Coffee in, you guessed it, Shoreditch. Because it is so far out of the way for me I have only been a handful of times but each time is a treat to my taste buds. Instead or normal soya milk they use Bonsoy soya milk a dairy milk alternative which is possibly the best thing since sliced bread. The space they have is tiny – really tiny – so I have only ever got coffee to go but the seating faces outside. One day I will sit there and watch people in Shoreditch do their thing and in Shoreditch this could literally mean anything.


Anddddddd one more for good luck!


Paul isn’t an independent coffee shop but their coffees are so good I have to give them an honorary mention!

Do you have any favourite coffee shops you think I should try? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Rachel 20th October 2016 / 1:32 pm

    I love kaffeine too!!

    • Rosh 20th October 2016 / 2:13 pm

      We have excellent taste!

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