Run the London Winter Run 2017 with me!

run-london_48In the running calendar Winter is usually the season when people take a break from the races and concentrate on recovering and building muscles and speed. However, over the past few years The London Winter Run has made the cold snaps a little more interesting – to put in mildly! Excitingly I will be running this 10k, the second time I have done so, with a whole host of wonderful friends and bloggers. And it would be amazing if you could join us too.

When the 5th of February comes around it’ll have almost been a year since I have run a 10k. In that time I have run other races yes, but also been more injured than ever before. And while I am excited to do this I am also very, very nervous. I am hoping by the new year I will have healed and in fact I do have a doctor’s appointment coming up. Let’s hope my doctor is well versed with running injuries!

It was Elle from Keep It SimpELLE who offered this to me and a whole host of other bloggers. I have my doubts and worries but the reasons to say yes outweighed them all: this 10k goes straight through the heart of London and it’s beautiful, plus the amazing volunteers dress up as polar bears and hug you as you run by and finish.


If you want to join Elle and myself and a whole host of other bloggers, then go to The London Winter Run and enter the code: SIMPLELLE3 for £3 off your entry to the race. This isn’t just open to other bloggers and if you are just starting with your running journey or want a new challenge for 2017 please click on the link and sign up!

Now to prepare for this 10k, Elle has started a run club and everyone is invited!

Launch Date: Thursday 27th October

Location: TinyTY, Unit 27, Boxpark Shoreditch, 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6GY

Distance: Starting between 4-6km for launch and then distances will be increased to build up running fitness. There will be lots of running chat (and non-running chat!)

Time: meet 6.15pm for 6.30pm departure

Run Club Leads: Elle Linton along with Running Blogger & Iron(wo)Man in training, Helen Garcia.

Bag Drop: Yes; however space is limited so please try not to bring more than one bag

Rules: Everyone is welcome, no one gets left behind, okay?! (That’s the first rule of run club and the best one).

Everyone who turns up instantly has one of two chances to win a free place for the London Winter Run. However if you can’t make it don’t worry as there is a third place up for grabs and here are all the details:

1. Share the image below on Instagram and / or Twitter along with the following hashtags (so she can find all entries) #TinyTYRunClub #WinterRunClub (each share is equal to one entry)

2. Share the Facebook event on Facebook and / or Twitter along with the following hashtags  #TinyTYRunClub#WinterRunClub (each share is equal to one entry)


The competition closes on Wednesday 26th of October so get posting! Full terms and conditions are on her blog and can all be found here.


Let me know if you do because it would be wonderful to see you there on the start line with me!

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