Nike Training Club x NFL

The NFL is in London. To celebrate Nike hosted a training session in Bloomsbury Square last week and I was one of the few people with quick fingers who managed to get a spot! The class was run by Jamie Reynolds one of my favourite trainers ever and someone I’ve had the pleasure of training with before.

With my sprained ankle I had been taking it very easy on the workout front until this session. I had been scared to push myself at all (just in case) and even thought about cancelling my spot to this class. I am so gad I didn’t!

This workout tested my speed, power, and agility and I loved every single second. We were all given Nike’s latest training footwear to test out and, most brilliantly trained with official NFL Strength & Conditioning coaches.

I love events like this because of how much I laugh throughout. Yes, I also sweat and the point is to sweat and work hard, but I also have a wonderful time. Here’s to many more during the Autumn / Winter season!

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