7 Things for November

I LOVE November! Autumn is in full swing and the weather is crisp. It’s just before Christmas and just before everyone goes into a shopping frenzy. It’s the calm before the storm and my favourite month of the year. I have had so much fun compiling this list and can’t wait to share it with you all!

  1. Enjoy my birthday. Another reason why I love this month is because it was the month of my birth! I have no plans for my birthday this year and want to put no pressure on myself to do anything. All I definitely want to do is go for a run or to a class or do a workout.
  2. Go to more comedy gigs. There used to be a time when I used to go to comedy gigs often but for the better part of two years I haven’t been to a single one. I am already slightly ahead with this goal for November because I have booked myself tickets for Sofie Hagen and Luisa Omeilan when they are in London and can’t wait!
  3. Stop impulse or rush buying. I want to buy more good quality items rather than things which I will only wear or use once. However, I also want to continue to be careful with the money I do spend. Since I sent myself this goal earlier in the year I have been so much better than ever before.
    1. My mental shopping list has been completely cleared except for two very pricey items. If I do choose to buy these I want to make sure that I wont waste them.
  4. Continue with last month’s goal of spending more time with my friends. They are the family I have chosen and I need to continue nurturing the relationships.
  5. Re-start going to physio. My knee has been acting up and none of the exercises I previously did are working. Time to get it sorted.
  6. Organise my race calendar for 2017.
  7. Savour the month. Because it’s wonderful.

As an update from October’s 7 Things, my hair style is different, and I now only write with a fountain pen! I will be dedicating full blog posts to both of those things soon but just wanted to let you all know that these mini-resolutions are really helping me to focus.

Let me know what you have planned for November in the comments!

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