Hair today, gone tomorrow

Grinning like a loon!

Grinning like a loon!

Autumn is my favourite season, as I said here, but in this post I actually want to talk about why. I never think of January as the time to revitalise your life because when I look out of the window, it’s still winter. Autumn (or even Spring) is the best time for me because the change in season is so glaringly obvious. And I want that glaringly obvious change to be reflected in my life. This year there was one big thing I wanted to do and that was to cut my hair. And I mean cut my hair with all the emphasis possible.

I have had the same hairstyle for about 15 years. Give or take the length, my hair has been exactly the same throughout my teenage years and early twenties. The wildest thing I did was change from a middle parting to a side parting at about 21. Before this shocking new look the most extreme thing to happen to my hair was the boy cut of the early 1990s. And that was at the choice of The Mothership.

I have wanted something different for so long and when Sam said the word ‘fringe’ to me, it stuck. I have never had a fringe before, not even a swooshy faux-fringe. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea, so much so that I booked myself an appointment for as soon as possible at Taylor Taylor London.

Fringes are high maintenance, Camilla my hairdresser said to me. But she didn’t try to dissuade me so I told her to go for it and that no, I don’t want a faux-fringe. And after two weeks of having one I can definitely agree with that. I never used to pay that much attention to the wind or the rain whilst now I do. Running with a fringe is something else entirely and I spend a lot of my time waking up looking like Rod Stewart.

But, but, but. I love it. I really love it. Some people have noticed it, my parents hate it, some people couldn’t see the difference (which really amazed me). I love it and maybe this’ll be my ‘look’.

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