These boots are made for…EVERYTHING

As I mentioned on my 7 Things for November list I now only have two very pricey items on there. And one I decided to buy. That being these boots, the Chloe Susanna boots loved by (it seems) everyone. And now I own them.

I can’t say that I felt guilty when I bought them or that I justified them because I’d been working hard / saving lots / had a birthday coming up / Christmas was around the corner. I bought them because I wanted them. Yes, I thought long and hard about it before buying them but I didn’t want to associate them with any sort of guilt–reward based thinking.

I love them.

I love them even more than I did when I saw them online.

They are ridiculously soft and sturdy and very, very beautiful.

I’d done my research before buying them and as they run a little large I went down half a size – perfect. I dread having to return and re-buy things. My nightmare is always that they will be lost in the post. They fit really well and are very comfortable and I am very happy with the heel height and the arch support.

I am currently waiting for some extra soles to come so I can be sure I won’t wear these beauties down. Once that’s done I don’t think I will ever be taking them off.

Have I said that I love them?

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