Reviewing Controlled Blast on the Nike Training Club app

I have spoken about the Nike Training Club app before – and reviewed the whole app in detail when they revamped it. I love free workouts and this has the added benefit of being suitable wherever you go – all you need is your phone. Recently I have fallen in love with Controlled Blast, a 45 minute designed to get you moving in every direction and focus on your control and quality of movement.


Below is just a snapshot of the workout. Controlled Blast is broken up into five sections:

  1. Warm Up
  2. Full Body Endurance Round 1
    1. Run in place
    2. Press-ups
    3. Lateral bounds
    4. Plank alternating leg lifts
  3. Full Body Endurance Round 2
    1. Lateral shuffle
    2. Hip lift march
    3. Flying shoulder presses
    4. Squat jumps
  4. Full Body Endurance Round 3
    1. Mountain climbers
    2. Straight leg bicycles
    3. Split jumps
    4. Lateral bear crawl
  5. Cool Down


Each Full Body Endurance Round is repeated three times before moving onto the next. I have done this workout a handful of times now, and not only do I love it but every single time it pushes and challenges me.

I am writing this hours after I last did it and I can feel my shoulders still burning from the flying shoulder presses, a move which is possibly my New Favourite Move. I have to concentrate so hard on making sure my movements are effective and of quality.

There is something so comforting about working out at home and I am so glad this app lets me do that.

ALSO working out with a fringe is ridiculously entertaining for everyone involved!

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