Secret London: Finding Autumn in Kynance Mews

Autumn is my favourite season. I may have told you all this in previous posts but I think I need to tell you all again: I LOVE AUTUMN. I love it for so many reasons but mainly because of the colours the natural world takes.

London is full of green spaces and trees and that makes finding the visual signs of Autumn very easy. I recently found myself near Kynance Mews where I’d heard of the red colours the plants had taken. Of course I had to take a little detour and have a look.

It was so, so beautiful and sadly my camera didn’t do it justice. I don’t know if I will have time to find more places and if I don’t I’ll be content because this has made my season.

If you are in London then you must go to Kynance Mews – seeing all those shades of red made me smile on the inside.

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