50 Random Facts About Me


The wonderful Emma recently tagged me on Instagram to do a ’20 Facts About Me Post’. Until then I hadn’t even thought about doing one. But the more I did, the more I realised that I wanted to post that here rather than on my Instagram.

And instead of 20, I decided to give myself the actually challenge of finding 50 facts about me which you all may not know. If nothing else you will all get to know me a little better than someone who likes to run and eat and read! If you want you can also leave some facts about yourself in the comments. I really want to build a relationship with my readers and that includes getting to know each other, right!?

  1. I’m right handed
  2. I buy stuff and then never wear it (I am getting A LOT better at not doing this…I promise!)
  3. I don’t like fizzy drinks at all
  4. I can watch sport on TV all day long and love the Olympics and Paralympics with a passion
  5. Monopoly is the worst board game ever invented
  6. I love exaggerating
  7. Lists are what get me through the day
  8. I absolutely love ready salted crisps
  9. Sister is one of my best friends
  10. As is Sam
  11. My favourite colour is navy blue. Though this changes regularly – it used to be red.
  12. I hate hot chocolate.
  13. I have two tattoos but definitely want more.
  14. I have 11 piercings but definitely want more.
  15. I hate thongs
  16. I love trainers
  17. I love croissants (one day I will try the cronut, I WILL!)
  18. I love being outside
  19. I need complete darkness to fall asleep and have to wear an eye mask, which my Fathership calls a blind!
  20. I love Strictly Come Dancing so much and when that show is on, glitter is everything
  21. I have seen every single episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer BUT I barely remember anything now except that I loved the show
  22. Books help me escape
  23. Running helps me escape
  24. HIIT helps me escape
  25. I love the feeling of sore muscles (I really do!)
  26. I really don’t enjoy running with headphones so usually run listening to traffic and birds
  27. When I saw David Bowie in Labyrinth I fell in love for the first time and was convinced my parents wouldn’t let me watch the movie again. No idea where I got this idea from!
  28. As much as I love coffee I think I also hate coffee (sometimes it tastes so vile)
  29. I hate loud sniffers – BLOW YOUR NOSE
  30. I am no longer scared of spiders. I don’t live them but I can now cope and don’t have to yell for someone else to take them outside of the room. Usually I am the person being yelled for!
  31. I don’t have a driver’s license…yet (I know, I know, I need to get one but living in London makes it very easy to not bother!)
  32. I grew up wanting to be the Yellow Power Ranger very badly
  33. I almost never wear my glasses and have become very good at ‘seeing’ and understanding different sized and shaped blurs in the distance
  34. I am going to refer to myself as an athelete (hence the photo) until I believe it
  35. I love to swim and wish I could swim more often
  36. No matter the temperature I have to sleep with sock on
  37. I grew up addicted to my bicycle and Cartoon Network (I had BALANCE!)
  38. I love to dance. I am usually the first person on the dance floor and the last to leave
  39. I hate how materialistic festivals have become
  40. If I could have one superpower it would be speed
  41. I love the Marvel Universe more than the DC one
  42. I live by following quote: ‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end’.
  43. I also live by this one: ‘time passes’.
  44. I can’t wait to turn 30
  45. I believe that education is so, so important
  46. My financial independence is something I am most proud of
  47. Sometimes I still want to paint my room black
  48. I adore travelling even though sometimes plane journeys rarely agree with me. I love getting to a new place, staying in a hotel, and exploring!
  49. I am messy and trying very hard to become a little neater
  50. I am determined to have amazing eyebrows

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