7 Things for December

Every year I am surprised when December arrives. In fact I am always surprised when Winter arrives. Until the temperature drops and the frost sets in, it always feels like a far flung concept.; something that won’t actually happen. But it has happened! And the start of the new month means I have a new 7 Things List – the last of 2016.

  1. Actually take a break during Christmas. I usually don’t take time off in between Christmas and New Years’ but when I am at home I don’t want to mentally be in the office.
  2. Work with my physiotherapist and do all the exercises they suggest. Don’t push or force the recovery because I want 2017 to be epic in terms of running, not another year riddled with injuries and limping.
  3. Make my money work for me. One of my greatest fears is me not having control of my own money or knowing where it is or what it is being spent on. I want to use the time off in December to invest and save my money as wisely as I can so that it starts earning interest instead of shit all.
  4. And related to the above, spend as little as possible in the Christmas sales. I recently did a massive clear out at home and threw out so much. I don’t want to be in that situation again and I rather just not buy anything in the first place.
  5. Watch all the Christmas TV that I can. Hopefully it’s not completely rubbish and just full of repeats. If I can watch it while doing physio exercises even better!
  6. Start keeping a food diary. I am finding that some evenings various bits of my mouth swell up (that really is as sexy as it sounds). Parts of my lip – always different parts too – my upper lip, just under the nose, my lower cheeks. Every now and again they decide to make me aware of their existence in the most painful way possible. I know it must be an allergic reaction to something but I have no idea what. By keeping a food diary I should hopefully be able to narrow it down.
  7. And a continuation from last month, make sure I keep investing in my friendships. As I said spending time with my family is easy but I also want to spend quality time with the family I have chosen.

And for luck I have one more: Try not to be too jealous of Sister who is going to be spending New Year’s in Singapore.

I already know the last one is going to be the hardest.

Let me know what your plans for December are – I love reading what you all say in the comments!

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