Reviewing Another Space London’s HIIT class

While I can’t run, I HIIT and when Meera (@TheCityFittie) invited me to try Another Space London’s HIIT class I was there faster than rash on a skin in winter. There were so many things about this class I was looking forward to, including but not limited to Saheed also being there, Courtney being the instructor, and that this workout required gloves because we’d be punching a bag.

The Space

First thing I noticed about Another Space London as I ran in absolutely convinced I was late, was how light the reception was. It didn’t matter that it was dark outside, inside it felt like I was stepping into the light (how religious of me!) I know underground gyms are all the rage but there is something very glorious about light and air and space.

The changing rooms were absolutely lush – again very light and airy, lots of space and even private changing areas (very grateful for those). I showered post event and they had everything there for me – products, towels, hair dryers, and hair straighteners. I didn’t have to worry about anything and as a result my gym bag was unusually light.

The Class

Once I had dropped all my things in a locker and pulled on my boxing gloves, I met up with the rest of the class and we made out way downstairs into the HIIT studio. The class was small and the studio also small. While half the class was on the punching bags, the rest were on the floor working their core, strength, and legs.

The workout was split into five minute sections where the goal was to move fast and furiously, and moving in time with the music (which was on FIRE. I was using as much energy to belt out the lyrics as I was to punch the bag). Courtney led us all through each five minute section, showing us what to do and making sure we were all doing it right.

He also modified the workouts for me because jumping hurts and I was so grateful for that. So squat jumps became squat-to-tiptoe ‘jumps’. Since my knee injury I have been so aware of NOT being unbalanced when I walk and work out. I have worked so hard on perfecting my squat technique and making sure I use both my legs equally when I move. I know I still have a while to go but the fact that Courtney noticed meant so much to me: he is an expert in his field.

The class’ purpose was to build strength and power using moves which are quality rather than quantity. I loved punching a bag and I also loved the press-ups and core work on the floor. For me this was the perfect HIIT class and I really felt as if I had worked hard.

Another Space London also does yoga and spin classes and I really, really want to try them both!

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