Dearest Rosh, you’re on the edge of 2017

Dearest Rosh, it’s that time of year again. Here are some things for 2017.

You survived 2016. Pat yourself on the back because it was so rough at times.

Stretch every day. Run as often as you can. It is precious and a gift. Try to relax when you can’t run. It doesn’t matter if you don’t.

Sleep earlier than you plan too. Your skin functions better with sleep. All your organs function better. You’re also a lot less angry when you’ve slept well.

Treat food as delicious, delicious fuel. Save overeating for the special occasions and starving for horror stories. Take photos of your food. Even when it looks ugly. (Even of it never goes on instagram. Not everything is about instagram).

Read during every single commute. Don’t apologise for laughing so loud you disturb other people. Especially in the cinema. Don’t change too much. But I expect some sort of personal growth.

Carry on loving yourself. Carry on championing yourself. Carry on fighting for yourself. Be a little bit more ambitious. Don’t stop being determined and clever.

Try something new. Jump out of another plane. Go somewhere new. Travel alone. Travel with people. Travel. Say yes to more things. Sometimes amazing things will happen and sometimes they won’t. It’s ok and you will always be ok.

Go see that exhibition you really want. Go to the theatre. Take a walk. Go eat in that restaurant you have always wanted to try. Go to the cinema. Join that run club. Go to that HIIT class. You’ve done all those things alone before. You’ll be fine.

Try and be a little less angry and a little kinder to yourself. You have advert worthy hair; you’re worth it. Trust yourself a little more. Don’t rely on other people’s opinions and thoughts.

Treat money a little more preciously. It’s more important than most people like to acknowledge. Crap other people spend a fortune on is gilded crap. Save and spend and with that see and do. Money is a gift.

2017 is going to be a year when you don’t change. Your body fat is fine. Your attitude is fine. Your ethos is fine. Be happy because sometimes that’s hard and sometimes it’s easy. Acknowledge your sadness better.

Make 2017 a kinder year.

Make 2017 a sweaty year.

Make 2017 the year when you’re more you than ever before.

Happy New Year everyone!


    • Rosh 31st December 2016 / 8:55 pm

      Thank you!! Happy New Year Aneesha!!

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