Why I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon

The Unsorry Mag podcast has quickly become one of my favourite podcasts to listen to. One of their recent episodes was all about living the dream. But more than living your childhood dream, it was about how the dream, according to social media, now seems to be working for yourself from home and blogging your way to a fortune.

I have being working since 16 and since then I have always worked for someone else. I have never worked for me and as unfashionable as it may seem, have never wanted to be self-employed. Wait, is that also unambitious of me: should I be striving to throw away my self-inflicted The Man shackles and create an at home office space?

I am not a failed journalist or a social commentator. I have never really wanted to write for a living – only in strange fantasies where I see myself churning out book after book on new and wild (and very profitable) ideas on running. I blog because it’s fun and because I thoroughly enjoy it. I am disciplined enough to keep to some sort of schedule and interested enough in it to want to keep doing it. Rosh ETC lets me explore parts of my interests which my work does not.

As for my social commentary, well I still fluctuate between insulting everyone and insulting no one. How anyone can walk that middle ground successfully is beyond me. (Maybe the secret is they don’t care?)

Why do I need to be a self-employed blogger in order to be successful? To me that sounds just like living to work and I have made it a point in my life to work to live. Working for someone else means I can leave at the end of the day without (too much) worry or stress. I am a cog in a great media wheel and that relaxes me. No matter what I do (unless I really fuck up) I can’t destroy anything. No matter how far I climb up or what job I do, even when I am at the top of the ladder, I know I can call in sick when I am ill and have nothing fall down. I can go on holiday and still get paid.

I don’t know how I’d be without steady income and bonuses and the security this brings.

So this post is for everyone else out there who blogs for fun, who would love a little extra income to be generated from it but don’t care that it’s not their main source of income. It’s OK to work 9-5 for the money you earn, to enjoy what pays you, and to enjoy working for someone else. Heck, it’s OK if you despise your employer but love the money.

Working to live means I went for five holidays last year (five. FIVE. Just reading that makes me desperate to fly somewhere else).

Working to live means I have savings and can also indulge in materialism when I feel like it. Just look at item number four in my to-do list. Very expensive leggings, here I come!

My dream isn’t to be a self-employed blogger. It never was and it’s unlikely it ever will be (though of course I may change my mind). My dream isn’t to become a self-employed PT which is what more than one person suggested to me because I love fitness and sport.

Here’s the thing: my passion lies with what I do now not with anything else. And I have worked really hard to get here.

Don’t get me wrong, it is hard work but I suspect working for yourself is even harder.

My dream is to travel and read and run as often as I can. Working for someone else means I can achieve this more often and far quicker.

My dream is to have colleagues and office banter and always work in a major city.

My dream is to leave home every morning and not be in pyjamas for longer than necessary.

My dream is to have a steady income and savings.

Unsexy, I know but vital for me to live.


  1. LycraLover 12th January 2017 / 9:09 pm

    Some great reflections there. Its all about how you define succes: to live life your way. Have a great 2017 and keep on blogging.

    • Rosh 12th January 2017 / 10:03 pm


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