Waking up in the morning….to go for a run

Once upon a time I was a morning fitness person. Well to be honest I was a morning person. I would bounce out of bed with a grin and start the day. Then I was a lazy morning person and then I wasn’t a morning person at all. I would snooze for as long as possibly before rushing out of the house. Now things have changed and I find myself waking up at the crack of dawn so that not only do I get to work early, but I have done my morning workout before 8.30am.

Yes I am tired. Yes, I don’t have to do this. But I do. And I probably always will even when I want nothing as much as a little extra sleep.

Sometimes I wish I could say I hated my alarm. But my alarm itself is fine (hello Game of Thrones ringtone): it’s the volume which destroys me. And in the quiet of the pre-dawn it sounds even louder! Sometimes I force myself to get out of bed then and there. Most of the time I spend quality time snuggled in my quilt scrolling through social media.

There are always a thousand-and-one reasons to stay in bed and one reason to get up: to workout. It’s a mind game and here are some of the things which go through my mind just before I get out of bed (or don’t).

  • I have running goals and if I don’t train I will never achieve them. I don’t care very much about PBs any more and just want to run. My goal is to run without pain and to run consistently. I want to be strong and fast and fit and when I don’t achieve these, I have no one to blame but myself.
  • Sometimes lunchtime running isn’t an option. There are days when lunch itself isn’t an option (thankfully those are not at all common) and other days when I have so many meetings I can’t afford to spend any time running. I know how crappy I will feel if I miss my run because I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed.
  • I know I will feel like a (smug) LEGEND once I have done it and showered. Running is such an amazing way to wake up in the morning. And it’s so quiet and peaceful – I always feel like I have started the day right.
  • Sometimes even when I have started running I have no motivation. On days like that I always let myself stop and walk. At lunchtime I wouldn’t be able to do this because I have to be back and showered before the hour is up. But in the morning I don’t beat myself up and get stressed. I enjoy London and the sights and the sound of my own heavy breathing!
  • My evenings are mine. I can do what I like and that involves the TV, a blanket, and a mug of something warm! Right now, BBC has so many good dramas and shows on TV – I want to watch them all!
  • In these Winter months I really don’t want to run in the evening when it’s so dark and cold. Yes it’s cold in the mornings too (so, so cold) but sometimes lunch time isn’t an option. I don’t have 20/20 vision and wear glasses but not when running. In the dark I feel so vulnerable when alone.
  • My sister and I hold each other accountable for our workouts and runs. What will I send her if I don’t run? She sends me pictures of her London and I send her pictures of mine. I love this because not only do we push each other but we completely support each other too.
  • *whispers* what will I put on social media if I don’t run? There are only so many #chestfies (a chest selfie, and yes a thing) I can put up before even I am bored with it all.

I know I will always have an internal battle because that’s just how I roll. But running and sport and fitness are almost always worth it.

Is there anything you do to help get you out of bed? Or are you an evening person? If you are, share your secrets in the comments below!


  1. LycraLover 27th January 2017 / 8:11 pm

    Great way to start the day. I combine mine with prayer. That way i do exercise and prayer at the same time. Thanks for your posts.

    • Rosh 1st February 2017 / 7:23 am

      Thank you for reading!

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