Five things I love about myself

Recently on Instagram the theme of self-love has been taking over. A little while ago Cat Meffan challenged people to write five things about themselves that they love. It’s so easy to be negative about the way you look, the things you say, the amount of exercise you do (or don’t do) so it warmed my heart to see how this wonderful method of self-love was taking off. Without further ado, here are the things I love about myself.

  1. I love my tattoos and piercings. Two of the former and twelve of the latter. I’m already planning where to next decorate my body! (Or as my dad says, torture my body)
  2. I am funny. I love making people laugh and sometimes my wit is on fire! Other time I am a prepubescent child but still hilarious
  3. I love how quick I am on the commute. You’re a slow walker? I will leave you in my dust
  4. I love how clever I am and how much I hustle for everything.
  5. I am charming and almost always use the power for good!

When I started compiling the list I genuinely had no idea what to write. I love myself but five individual things? Choosing what to include was an excellent exercise in acknowledging how epic I am. Everyone says that sharing is caring and in this case I love how this has grown exponentially. Every post on instagram tags another five people who write about themselves in a positive way. It’s like the no-makeup selfie trend but without any of the associated problems.

Reading what other people (mainly women) have written about themselves has genuinely warmed my heart. Long may this trend continue!

I think this is something I will definitely be doing more of – so thank you Cat!

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