7 things for February

There is nothing I want to do more in the month of February than huddle in a blanket with a hot mug of herbal caffeine-free tea, reading a book. I know that’s a very specific image but all will be revealed in this month’s list of seven things…

  1. Stop drinking coffee for good. I love coffee and I especially love the smell of coffee but after a year I have gone from being a casual drinker to having one cup a day, to two, to three. When I don’t drink coffee my headaches are ridiculously painful. So it’s time to stop, cold-turkey.
  2. Get into a morning routine of runs and HIIT sessions. I wrote about the benefits of working out in the morning here, now I have to live by my words and get into a routine (which is definitely harder to do)
  3. Over the Christmas sale period I bought some beautiful bracelets which I have yet to wear more than twice. This February I am going to wear them!
  4. Get back into the habit of going for lunchtime walks. It is something I love and I need to stop using winter and weather as excuses to not go.
  5. Really up my Instagram photography game. I love Instagram and how visual it is. I also love photography and want to really challenge myself with what I create and post.
  6. Try to find a balance between professionalism and friendliness at work. I veer toward friendliness but some work relationships should stay professional.
  7. Stay politically active and aware. I think this one is going to be really difficult because most of the time now I don’t want to watch the news. I don’t want to see, hear, or know what’s happening. But I must because how else can you fight back?

So there you have them, my 7 things for February. This is going to be a good month: I feel it in my bones.

Let me know what you all have planned for February – I love reading all of your comments!

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