Sharing an early childhood memory

Today’s post is a different one than normal because I want to share one of my earliest childhood memories with you! This memory always makes me smile but maybe not for the reasons you might expect and involves nursery, another girl, a window, and a rainbow. Intrigued? Then click more!

I tell people that it was the first day of nursery but it probably wasn’t. It was definitely a day of nursery where things were still new and I didn’t have a lot of friends. We had all just put our coats and lunch bags on the hooks and I remember being a dark blue dress. It had been raining and one of my nursery-mates was looking out of the window.

I don’t remember much of what she looked like but I do remember what she next said: ‘rainbow’.

I had never seen a rainbow before. Not that I remembered anyway.

I ran to the window where she was and looked out hoping to see a rainbow. Other children had joined us and were pointing and giggling and very, very excited.

I COULDN’T SEE A RAINBOW. I had no idea what they were all looking at but I could see nothing.

And that’s when I felt pure jealousy for the first time in my very short life.

Looking back on the memory it’s that jealousy which makes me smile. I was so determined to see a rainbow! Apparently jealousy is one of the ‘baser’ emotions but I have found it is hugely motivating in my life. I started running because I was jealous of my sister! Full on green-eyed monster jealousy or even little pale green potential jealousy have helped me to achieve a lot.

I’m definitely not saying all jealousy is good, but some definitely is. And that little girl was so jealous she couldn’t see a rainbow and so determined she would the next time!

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