Race Recap: Cancer Research London Winter Run

A couple of weeks’ ago I ran my first 10k of 2017, my first 10k after injury – the Cancer Research London Winter Run 2017. I had been nervous and excited about running it and when registration opened didn’t actually plan to. However when Elle from Keep It SimpELLE  gave me the chance to run it along with other bloggers, I knew I couldn’t say no. Mainly because I really, really wanted to do it!

I was scared and excited and very eager to get my hands on the medal. The last 10k I had run had been almost a year ago to the day where I had smashed out a PB (of 53.07) and subsequently injured myself. I knew I wouldn’t be getting anywhere near to my PB but I definitely didn’t want to get an injury. Before the race started I promised myself that I would treat my body with respect and walk if I needed to.

The hardest part of a race always seems to be the start. The waiting around and trying to keep warm. It was a cold Sunday and it seemed to take forever to get to the front. In the mean time I laughed with friends, took some photos, and jumped up and down to keep warm. I had planned to run with Run Rogue, a running group one of my friends is in, however when the race started they all left me to my comfortable, slower pace and very quickly I found myself alone surrounded by runners.

I think this is my happy place and where I am most comfortable. Yes, I wish there was someone running with me and someone to talk to but I have never minded running alone. The first 5k felt like a dream. I felt strong and comfortable. Then came kilometres 6, 7, and 8. I can’t remember the last time a 10k was that tough. I hadn’t trained and my body wasn’t accustomed to the longer distance or the amount of time I had been running. Because of both those things I suffered in those kilometres.

I remember seeing the 7k sign and wishing desperately it was the 8k sign. It felt as if I had been running for hours and hours. I stopped and walked for a bit, trying to get some strength into my legs and some breath back into my lungs. All around the course there were polar bears, huskies, and live music so I spent the time enjoying the atmosphere! London Winter Run always put on an amazing show and this year’s race was no different. The place was so alive with people enjoying themselves!

When I started running again I was determined to run until I crossed the finish line. I took it easy and enjoyed crossing the finish line with a massive smile on my face. Of course I had to take a picture with a polar bear. The hug she gave me was exactly what I needed. Post run they had coconut water and chocolate – both of which I scoffed and then wished for more (teeheee!)

I had such a brilliant time and was even happier when I received a text with my final time: 62.54. This was so much quicker than I thought it would be and even though it was so far from my PB it is a decent time and I am over the moon! Huge congratulations to everyone else who smashed it and raised money for such an excellent cause.

Also, this shouldn’t be important but the medal is pretty stellar.

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