Reviewing John Fairfax’s Summary Justice

William Benson is a barrister with a difference: he has a murder conviction to his name.

When I was given the chance to be part of this blog tour I jumped at the chance. Well written legal thrillers are brilliant and this one sounded as if it would fit perfectly into that category. As a barrister Will Benson is the underdog and not many people in his profession want him to succeed. But a few key people have always been in his corner and thanks to them and his determination Summary Justice starts with Will being asked to defend a woman accused of murder.

One of his supporters is Tess de Vere. She and Will first met 16 years ago when he was first convicted and she was shadowing his legal counsel. Now she is determined to help him discover if Sarah Collingstone really did murder her wealthy boss and apparent lover.

It was so easy for me to fall in love with Will and Tess – though it did take me a little longer to warm to their romance (I’m not sure why this was, not really). As separate individuals they are flawed and brilliant – whip smart and full of secrets. When together I loved their working relationship and how they bounced ideas of each other. When the romance started to become more apparent I just didn’t care as much as I should have. There was a point when Will admired Tess’ ankles and I burst out laughing.

However, this was probably the only negative I had about Summary Justice. I loved the plot and the central murder mystery running throughout, and absolutely loved the secondary characters (Archie and Needles I am looking at you). Fairfax created a world for Will which was entirely believable, full of bigotry and murky truth, and he also wrote about Will’s life in prison through a series of flashbacks.

It was the perfect combination of gripping plot and interesting characters and I found myself ploughing through the book and raving about it at home. Thanks to that my Mum is now reading it and my Dad is next on the list! Brilliantly this is also the first of a new series AND TV rights have already been optioned. So not only will there be more books but there will also hopefully be a TV programme!

Summary Justice by John Fairfax is published by Little, Brown and is now available from all good and evil bookshops.

I was given a free copy via twitter since I am part of the blog tour and this has not influenced my honest review, my thoughts or opinions about Summary Justice.

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