7 Things for March

I am so late with this month’s 7 Things! February has been a very hectic month for me and needed to concentrate on work last week – sadly that meant blogging had to take a back seat but I am back. March always represents the new and fresh ideas and ways of thinking and working and being. I am so excited about this month and can’t wait to tackle my 7 Things…

  1. For the first time in my career I am finding work becoming all consuming. I was recently promoted (yay!) and given more responsibility. All of that means my work-life balance has become more blurred than ever before. I want to use March to work this out and get on top of everything I want to do. I want to assess what is important in my life and what isn’t and let the less important things go.
  1. Last year I was determined to become more ethically conscious as a consumer. Sadly that really fell away at the end of last year but now I am determined to get on it again. Thanks to Curiously Conscious I invested in a Matt + Nat bag. Not only do I want to write about it on the blog but I also want to expand my ethical consciousness and become a more savvy consumer.
  1. Up my Instagram game. I am not one of those people who tells people that numbers don’t matter – I love seeing my Instagram followers increase and not only that, I want to improve the content and photography I post. So this month I am determined to fall into some good Instagram habits and see where those take me.
  1. Start exploring London more at lunch times. I am determined to take a lunch break every day. Some days this means a full hour and some days it means only ten minutes. What I want to do is start walking at lunch again, especially as the weather starts to improve.
  1. Get back into gardening. I love being in my garden and being surrounded by flowers. But that doesn’t happen by itself and as it’s something I love I want to do it more and more.
  1. Wear a beautiful dress I recently rediscovered and have never worn. I bought it from Undress and it’s too long for me. I want to get it tailored and then rock it!
  1. Decide once and for all if I want to buy a new camera. I have been dithering about it for ages and ages but the Olympus Pen E-PL8 has my name written all over it!

And that’s my list for March. What are your plans and goals for this month? Share in the comments below – you know I love reading them!

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