Reviewing the 12 Week Health, Fitness, and Wellness Planner

At the end of 2016 Beyond the Bathroom Scale’s Karen Oliver sent me a copy of her 12 Week Health, Fitness, and Wellness Planner. I was so excited to use this but when it arrived was actually terrified of getting started. So I put it off. Then I put it off a little more. Once 2017 started I gave myself a stern talking to and opened this beautiful planner.

I think my fear stemmed from actually having my daily food intake and exercise routine written down. Was I eating enough? Was I eating too much? Am I too unhealthy? Did I move around enough every day? Was I going to get in trouble if I wrote down the wrong answer? What I didn’t understand for a long time was that:

  • no one but me would be reading this
  • there isn’t a wrong answer

The point is to write everything down and to see where you can improve. Once I managed to believe that I was happier to get started.


I think this is the section I find the hardest to do and even now would rather not fill it in. I do not calorie count and do not want to start. But then I remember that this is my planner and I can do with it what I want…so I just didn’t fill that part out.

What I really loved was the part in the planner for the weekly food plans. I have started to embrace food preparation and this really helps with that. It gets me focussed and I am determined to eat better. More than this I recently started having allergic reactions to something I eat and have no idea what. I have been using this planner to help me find out what by noting when I have a reaction and seeing what it is I have eaten that could be causing this. sadly no answers yet but I will get there!


There is a section in the planner where you can add your weekly workout plan and then as the days go by compare this to what you were actually able to do. Until I started using this planner, my weekly workout goals were only ever in my own head. Having them written down made me so much accountable than I thought.

Yes, I am only accountable to myself but I definitely didn’t want to let myself down. And as I wrote about previously, I have lost some of my running motivation – having some fitness goals written down at least meant I was still moving.


This is the area in my life where I put in the least amount of attention. This planner has sections dedicated to weekly wellness goals and daily mood details. There are spaces to write longer thoughts and personal achievements too which I liked.

One of the most useful things in this planner was the daily space to write down how much sleep you managed to get the night before. I found this invaluable!


Overall I love this planner and found it so, so useful. I can see myself using it more if I ever sign up for more races. There were sections I didn’t use, as I mentioned above but they were far and few between. Some of the other things I loved include:

  • the layout of the planner – lots of space to write full sentences and paragraphs;
  • it doesn’t start at a set date so you can start using it whenever you like;
  • the weekly health, fitness, and wellbeing challenges set;
  • the size of the planner – easy to fit into a bag and carry around.

It did take me a while to get into the habit of using this and even now it isn’t completely routine. But the benefits far outweigh and reluctance I might feel at pulling out a pen at the end of each day.

Thank you so much Karen for sending me a copy of your planner!

I was given a copy for free and it hasn’t influenced my thoughts or opinions at all. The 12 Week Health, Fitness, and Wellness Planner is on sale now from all good and even retailers.

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