Using Livia’s Kitchen to make energy balls

I wanted to call this post ‘I Used a Recipe Book!’ because I can’t remember the last time I used one. I think I own them all and I look through them quite regularly but use one to actually cook with? Don’t talk crazy! Then I opened up Livia’s Kitchen and saw a very simple, and very easy recipe for carrot and oat energy balls and decided to make them.

Not only do I not cook from books (until now) but I have also had a fair few horrible experiences with energy balls. In a goody bag once I had energy balls made by a ‘wellness guru’ I’m not a fan of. In my opinion she had created something truly disgusting and since then I have steered clear of them all.

However this recipe (found on page 80 if you also have the book) has ingredients I know, recognise, love, and most importantly had in my kitchen. Oats, carrots, dates, and cinnamon, as well as some seeds for decoration and taste.

I thought that with such tasty base ingredients the combination of them all would also be delicious so i decided to risk it and make them. And not only was the recipe really quick to follow, the resulting energy balls were delicious!

I think I would add some more cinnamon and potentially some desiccated coconut flakes for extra flavour and texture when I make them the next time. They were really yummy and everyone in my family loved them.

Maybe, maybe I will start delving into cookbooks more often especially if the food turns out like this!

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