Wimp 2 Warrior: the ultimate human experience

A little over six months ago my cousin told me that she and her husband had signed up for something called Wimp 2 Warrior. I’d never heard of this and promptly went to do some research. This was my cool cousin, the one who always had the most amazing hair and the best clothes. She was also the one who practiced Kung Fu and went to China multiple times to train and fight. She’d also had a baby three months before.

So I was in under no doubt that this was something equally impressive and cool.

Wimp 2 Warrior, no skills, no experience, and 6 months until you step into the cage. 

Wimp 2 Warrior is a global MMA reality series that takes ordinary men and women through an intensive six month training programme taking them from ‘wimp’ to ‘warrior’. The series culminates with the contestants being split into two fight camps and ultimately facing off against one another in the cage. It’s the ultimate physical and mental challenge that will literally transform your life.

So that’s what it is.

I read that and took a breath. As someone who loves training and sweating I was both thrilled and jealous of her. Over the next six months we all heard stories of their very early morning training sessions, their parenting and training juggles, and saw progress photos.

A little earlier this month it was their final fight and I was so excited to see how both of them would do.

My cousin was up first. She was up against a much younger woman, someone in her same weight category.

I don’t know what I expected but actual fighting wasn’t it. I expected movie fighting, not punches to the head.

It was amazing. I screamed and cheered until I was hoarse.

Much later on in the day is was brother-in-law. In that time we had seen KOs, and 23 second fights. It was crazy. My brother-in-law was as amazing and the two of them were actual superstars. They had trained and worked so hard for this and what they achieved was amazing. They fought someone else in a cage with no protection. They were so brave and so strong and so determined.

Their daughter is now 9 months old, almost 10. One day she will be old enough to see the photos and footage from the fight. I hope she knows just how incredible her parents are!

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