You Don’t Get to Pick Your Family        

Ahhh family…heaven and hell in a word. You love them and more often than not, they love you back. Every now and again something happens which makes you questions whether or not you actually like them.

I’m not talking about my sister or my parents because if I have a disagreement with them, or they with me, we can talk about it. I’m talking about the extended family and as an Indian my extended family is very large and full of opinions.

The problem is that they also know less than nothing about running or races since I am the only person who does that. Over the weekend I found out that one certain family member is telling everyone that I have purposefully chosen to run a race on a certain day when I could have quite easily picked the other date offered to me.


I wish that’s how half marathons and marathons worked. That you got given a choice of dates and could pick the one which suited you best. What an idyllic world that would be.

But it’s not the case. That’s not how it works. Usually you book a race around nine months in advance. The date is fixed. That’s when you run.

I didn’t know I had to explain this to people. And to be honest I don’t want to. Because you know what? We didn’t choose to be each other’s family members. We owe each other nothing.

And as much as it pains me that everyone now thinks I have chosen this date on purpose, I am taking the higher road and letting go. I don’t need to explain or to make you understand. Your opinion of me is null and void.

But I am writing about it here – I can’t be 100% noble!

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