Four 6km runs in four days and no knee pain and very little ankle pain. I am back!

I don’t want to celebrate too soon because who knows what will happen to my legs tomorrow, but I can’t help but be excited. I am so close to being able to do what I could before things started to go wrong. My speed and stamina need a lot of work but I have managed to run consecutively for four days and have no limp!

Not having a limp because of my knees is the best feeling ever.

I want to ease myself into Seawheeze half-marathon training. And over this long weekend I could really stretch my legs (every day) and know that if anything went wrong, it would be OK. I wouldn’t be stranded too far from home and there would always be someone who could help me.

For every single one of these runs, Sister also ran with me. She doesn’t know about my insecurities and worries about running and since I didn’t want to share them with her, I kept my mouth shut. After every run they became less and less pressing and important.

I also started running without my knee supports. This was a massive step for me. It might be that in the future I will have to put them on again but right now I am loving not having really, really sweaty knees after every single run.

I am still full of doubt and worries but having come through it makes me feel that if it happens again, I can deal with it again. And it’ll be OK.

So here’s to confidence and practice and trusting in your own body again.

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