From me to you…notes to strangers

Sometimes you need to know that someone is paying attention. Someone understands and acknowledges what you’re going through. I find it very difficult yo talk to family and friends about a lot of things but when strangers get it? I weep a little inside. It doesn’t always even have to be the most profound thing. Just something important and meaningful to me.

These are the brainchild of Andy Leek, and initially Notes to Strangers started off as notes being left in the Metro for commuters to discover and read. They were always positive and even though I never found one then, having a look at some of them now makes me smile and wish I had.

Try and love yourself as much as dogs love walkies

That’s possibly my favourite one!

Since then the notes have started appearing in public spaces and to date I have found three. He posts them on his insta and I want to find them all! These three I found when I was running one morning in the Pimlico / Battersea Park / Chelsea area.

It’s such a brilliant idea isn’t it? I am so used to written street art being rude. This is uplifting and they are surprisingly powerful. They make me dream of better days ahead and adventures to come. But more than that they make me smile.

I love street art so much! Have any of you spotted any of these around London town yet?


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