Spring is most definitely in the air

Until last week the weather had been glorious. And before the rain and cold started I took a walk around London and found some of the loveliest wisteria around. Last year I felt like a detective trying to find the best place to see these flowering shrubs. This year the amazing Lolo created a map because she’d done the hard work and wanted to share!

I followed one the routes as much as I could during an hour I had spare one afternoon. I started off in Chelsea just outside Sloane Square station and made my way to Randor Walk.

This is the second year I specifically went and hunted wisteria during the spring. Even more so than last year I really want to grow some in my garden. i think I know the perfect place for it but before I whip out my credit card and buy some plants I need to know a little more about beautiful wisteria.

Wisteria from seeds can take up to 20 years to flower so the chances are the the plants I saw are oooollllddddddd. They have probably seen so much change happening around London. if they could talk I am sure they’d have some amazing stories to tell.

Actually can you imagine having a conversation with a really old plant? I bet it would be amazing.

Each season is beautiful but Spring might possibly be the most fragrant. It’s also that little bit more special because it comes when Winter just starts to be unbearable. Just as the cold is starting to permanently settle in your bones, daffodils start to flower. Then about a month later the wisteria is here. Now, when I look out of the window, the blossoms have almost all gone and all the trees are full of green, lush leaves.

We are so close to Summer!


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