7 Things for May

I don’t know where April went but it came and went so, so quickly didn’t it? I didn’t even realise how late I was with my 7 Things for this month until I looked at the date this morning! Personally May has always been a bit of a blah month  (sorry for everyone who has a birthday this month!) because nothing ever seems to happen. It’s generally wet and slightly damp. It’s also more or less cold and not all that pleasant. However only a week into May and the weather has been glorious!

I have spent most of the month outside, either running or walking or gardening. It’s been lovely and glorious and all kinds of wonderful. Coming up with my 7 Things has also been a pleasure. This month I feel hopeful and happy.

  1. One of my hopes for last month was to start thinking about how I can ease my period pain. Surprisingly my latest period was almost pain free so this completely slipped my mind. I know pain free periods will never be the norm so I have carried this hope over to May.
  2. I have started to find it so much easier to balance my new (much longer) commute with a social life. And I want this to continue. I am starting to see friends again whilst also spending some quality time at home.
  3. My sister and I booked a holiday! In June the two of us are heading to Prague and all I want to do is enjoy it so much I could burst.
  4. Have some more fun with instagram. I have become obsessed with numbers and followers. I hate that my account isn’t growing as fast as I would like. More than that I hate that some days it isn’t fun. I want having fun with instagram to be more of a priority than having masses and masses of followers.
  5. Get my nails painted professionally. Can you believe I have never done this? I have booked an appointment and cannot wait to show you all what it looks like!
  6. Start increasing my running distance to 10k again. It used to be really comfortable and I would love to get back to that.
  7. Really start to make my money work for me…maybe it’s time to get on the property ladder?

Happy May everyone! Happy Spring and happy almost-summer.

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