Sportmaps posters…because I have run two marathons

There is something magical about 26.2 miles. It’s so easy for me to forget that I have run this distance TWICE. I want to celebrate this a little more often because I am so damn proud that I did it. I don’t display my medals or marathon photos and it’s easy to forget. Surprisingly! But when a friend of mine posted about Sportmaps I knew I had found exactly what I wanted to commemorate my achievements.

You know, even writing that paragraph made me vomit a little in my own mouth. Why do I find it so hard to praise myself? Why is it so difficult for me to genuinely pat myself on the back? I have run two marathons – one in Berlin and one in Paris. I want people to know this. And I want to celebrate this.

Each one of their maps shows the route of the race you ran, has the date of the race, and can also be personalised. I decided not to personalise them because I don’t need my name on everything but it is a very cool idea.

These posters are so, so beautiful aren’t they? They come in a variety of sizes and colours and they look absolutely perfect on my dressing table.

Both these races were so magical and so painful. I had the best and the worst time and still can’t quite believe that I ran them. Maybe that’s why I don’t show off about it? I am still in a state of shocked disbelief. I don’t think I want to run more marathons but I do want more posters!

Also, this isn’t an ad or a sponsored post. I wasn’t gifted these maps, and didn’t get a discount. I bought these with my own money and am sharing them because I absolutely love them!

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