7 Things for June

I have hay fever. HAY FEVER. This has put a whole other slant on summer and sunshine. My NOSE. My EYES. Urghhh. In other, more happy news, it’s June! And in London at least, the summer has officially begun. I love early summer and this is the month where the weather is perfect and I don’t drown in my own sweat the moment I step out of the door. And now it’s here! My 7 Things for June are now live and it took me a while to think of them. What I *really* want to do this month is swoon and recline and not much else!

  1. Wear all the clothes from my wardrobe. I have so many things that I am never allowed to say ‘I have nothing to wear this June’. Actually I am not allowed to say that ever.
  2. Staring my SeaWheeze training! Yesterday I ran the London 10 Mile race to see if I could do it and because it would be a brilliant bench mark for my current levels of fitness. Race recap will follow later on this week!
  3. This training has to include runs in the heat because Vancouver in August is going to be H-O-T.
  4. Never, ever leave the house without a packet of tissues again. As I said above hay fever and I are now besties. My mum will be thrilled – as far as she’s concerned there are something people always should carry with them and tissues are one of those things.
  5. This is a very mundane and boring one but I need to clear out my work desk. The amount of stuff I have on it that I don’t need is insane.
  6. Spend as much time outside as possible (with my trusted tissues). Every lunch deserves a walk somewhere and every weekend deserves some time outside.
  7. Work on my photography. I have a lovely camera and with all these daylight hours it’s so easy to practice both before and after work.

Happy June everyone! I hope your nose is a lot less sore than mine.

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