Reviewing RUSH Hair & Beauty, Westbourne Grove

When it comes to my hair I usually go to a lovely salon, get it cut and then leave it in that style for about three years before noticing my split ends and deciding to do something about it. This time I didn’t have the chance to be so neglectful and my hair was very, very thankful when I was offered a complimentary session at the new RUSH Hair & Beauty Salon in Westbourne Grove.

If my hair could, it would have been jumping for joy.

The Salon

RUSH in Westbourne Grove is beautiful! Really lovely with cool, clean interiors, and very friendly staff. Plus it has the best mirror wall! When I walked in I was led to me chair and offered drinks and chocolate (yasss!) as I waited for my stylist to work his magic.


My stylist was Naythan and I think I fell a little in love with him when he complemented my piercings. We spent a very pleasant 10 minutes talking about earrings and parental reactions! He also later complimented my grey strands and I thought I had found my kindred spirit.

After giving my hair a wash using Kerastase products (which smelt amazing), he also recommended a deep conditioning treatment. Once that was done he led me back to the chair and started working on my hair. He listened to me when I talked about what I wanted and suggested some things which I hadn’t thought of.

As he worked we talked. And it wasn’t like your stereotypical hairdresser horror stories when you are forced to talk to a stranger to pass the time. While Naythan was cutting my hair we chatting about our lives and careers and when he started blow drying it, I read my book. I didn’t feel as if I had to talk to him and he didn’t feel as if entertaining me was part of his job.

He worked with care and attention, tidying up my fringe and adding in some long layers so that it looked less like a long mullet (which is what it looked like before).

He then styled my new cut into the most glorious curls which made me look like 70s starlet. The next day I was attending a wedding and even with the 30 degree heat at the venue (and no AC and a lot of dancing) it survived!

A week later

A week has now passed and I have washed my hair multiple times and styled it myself too. And the verdict? I love it. I thought I had asked for it to be cut too short and that I had made a mistake but that is definitely not the case.

This shorter style most definitely suits me and the fringe is so much softer than before.

I can’t recommend RUSH Hair & Beauty in Westbourne Grove enough – I was pampered and respected. Naythan was fabulous and really talented. If you are thinking of getting your hair cut or styled, then definitely consider Rush.

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary haircut at Rush Hair & Beauty in exchange for a review. This hasn’t influenced my opinion or this post at all.

Thank you so much Claire for arranging all of this and huge thanks to you Naythan for making me feel like a star!

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