Brunch with We Love to Brunch x Creating for Good

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Last weekend I joined the amazing ladies at We Love to Brunch and Creating for Good as they organised another event for causes that matter. This time the venue was Balls Brothers in Mayfair and 100% of the proceeds went to Just Bread an organisation which brings together the refugee women of London to share their skills, creativity, and cultural heritage whilst acquiring the skills of a professional baker. Such a good cause, meeting some amazing women, and trying brunch in a new place? Win, win, win.

I think I am falling in love with brunch. I used to have huge issues around it because breakfast is by far the loveliest meal of the day. There is no chance of me missing that but with brunch you have to miss breakfast don’t you? Don’t you? Well, it turns out that the Brunch Police doesn’t exist and once I got it into my head that I can have breakfast too I fell hook, line, and sinker.

Balls Brothers has just dipped their tow in the brunch world and they invited us to try their menu and see what we thought. Their brunch menu consisted of standard, delicious items you would usually see being served at that time of day. I went for a favourite of mine – avocado on toasts with poached eggs. The avocadoes were seasoned with spices and chilli flakes giving them a delicious kick.

Along with the avocadoes on toast, I also ordered a Bloody Mary. I LOVE this drink and as with the avocadoes, there was a blend of spices in the drink which gave it this wonderful, amazing kick. I had such a spicy taste left in my mouth after every sip. Just thinking about it makes me salivate a little!

After the meal we all decided to wander in Soho for some coffee. As you all know I decided to quit drinking coffee however I have heard so much about Workshop Coffee that I had to order a latte made with their almond milk, and an almond croissant the size of my head. The coffee was incredible!

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We laughed and chatted as we drank and this was the perfect end to the brunch. Until I saw We Love To Brunch on insta I was completely unaware of Creating for Good. I am so glad I know them now because I will definitely be going to more of their events.

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