7 Things for July

I spent June travelling and eating and running. I think as far as this year goes so far, it was definitely one of the better months. Here’s hoping July is as fun!

  1. I am going plastic free for July! After a friend of mine posted about she was ditching all the plastic for July I decided to do the same. I will be charting my journey on here and on Instagram. I am really looking forward to this – for too long I have been one of those people who talks about being green without actually doing anything about it.
  2. Take more and more pictures. I have the most wonderful camera and need to start carrying it around with me and take more pictures with it. At the same time I always have a phone with a brilliant camera – definitely need to use it better.
  3. Carry on with the stretching and foam rollering. I am finally at a place where I can go for a run whenever I feel like it without having to think about the pain. A lot of that is due to the work I have been putting in behind the scenes. I definitely need to keep on doing this.
  4. Take lunch breaks – I am slipping into the habit of working through lunch because it is easier. I hate this and I am not allowed to do this.
  5. Get on top of my financial matters. My parents would be horrified with how much I have let it go! (I am horrified with this)
  6. This one terrifies me which is why it is so low in the list…start job hunting. Just writing that makes me feel slightly sick.
  7. Sleep more. I really need to sleep more.

As I write this I am in such a strange mood. Slightly restless and slightly bored. I am not sure why – I definitely didn’t sleep enough last night and that might be contributing to this strange feeling. Whatever the reason I don’t want to ignore it. I need a change and I am not entirely sure what that change should be or where it will come from. I am not even sure what form I want the change to take – maybe it is a new job, maybe it is a new location, maybe it is a new outlook. I just hope this month holds something for me.

Let me know what you all have planned for July!


  1. Bennymakachi 10th July 2017 / 1:13 pm

    What camera is that, Rosh? I’m trying to upgrade to a camera that takes great photos and videos. CanonG7x is top on my list. Got any suggestions?

    • Rosh 12th July 2017 / 7:30 pm

      I use the Olympus Pen E-PL8 and it’s brilliant. Plus it has built in wifi too!

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