The best part of Summer is yet to come!

This month’s 7 things is slightly different to normal. It’s August, it’s Summer, and holiday season is here. Even if the London weather isn’t playing ball (yet, all us Londoners live in hope) my emotions are definitely linked with the longer days and long stretches of sunshine. So instead of 7 things I want to achieve or work towards this month, this is my Summer Wish List. It is also one of the most fun lists I have ever written.

So here’s what I want out of August, the holidays I have planned, and all the (wishful) sunshine!

  • All the Vitamin D. Running, walking, discovering – I want all the sunshine I can get.
  • Never, ever be a last minute packer again. I am not usually and one time was enough *shudder*
  • Read all the books! I was to swim in a small pool of all the books I plan to read this summer
  • Take all the photos either on my phone or camera. All. The. Photos.
  • Take issues on the chin. As much as possible.
  • Wear all my most beautiful clothes.
  • Eat a lot of fresh fruit and ice cream. Can definitely eat them both together!
  • Let go of some of the stress I carry daily and apply for new jobs. Summer has to equal change and I can’t wait!
  • Canada is coming soon and it should be glorious in all senses of the word – I want to eat the food, run through Vancouver, and take all the photos.
  • While I am in London, enjoy the much less congested tube journeys! It’s wonderful when parents decide to spend time with their children and not doing the morning commute. I can breatheeeeee.

I hope your August is wonderful. And if you’re in the same place I am in, then I really hope you can enjoy this month as much as I want to.

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