Travel Diaries – Prague, the Golden City

When my sister first suggested we travel to Prague I had mixed feelings. It’s always a yes to travel and I want to go everywhere but Prague isn’t known as a vegetarian of vegan friendly place. I was sceptical and worried all I’ll be able to eat is rice and bread. But then I started doing some research and discovered that the city has undergone a food revolution.

As this was the thing I was most worried about, it’s what I will talk about first.
I didn’t think I would write this sentence but Prague is a vegetarian and vegan food lover’s paradise. THE CHOICE. There was so much choice. As sister and I were staying in an Airbnb we had to buy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Instead of finding a favourite and staying there we roamed the streets finding hidden gems and amazing eateries.
Here are some of my favourites:
RawCHA – with a raw menu and fresh, seasonal cuisine sister and I ended up here for dinner one evening. She went for a pea based dish while I went for a sexy beetroot number. Both were delicious. Also hilariously my hayfever went insane as soon as I sat down. All my nose blowing definitely added something extra to the whole experience.
Cacao Prague – this was a breakfast choice of ours one morning and OH SO GOOD. We both dipped our toe into superfood bowls territory. I went for an acai bowl and sister picked a mango bowl. We both wished that meal lasted a lot longer than it did!
Maitrea – I indulged in my love of courgetti when we had lunch here. Their menu is detailed and very inventive with ingredients. My only criticism was that there wasn’t enough food on the plate but their raw apple strudel for afters helped to satiate my appetite!
Estrella – we went here for lunch one day and booth of us decided to try vegan variations of traditional Czech cuisine. It doesn’t seem as if traditional Czech cuisine has a lot of vegetables in it so when our plates come there were very beige, but with tofu, hidden lettuce, delicious cranberries, and quinoa, neither of us felt all that concerned.
Bistro Sisters – this was the only place we went to twice. They specialise in open top sandwiches (another traditional Czech dish) and while they had a lot of meat and fish options, they also had a brilliant selection of veggie and vegan friendly ones. We ended up for lunch there one day and loved it so much got a takeaway for dinner from there too!
Anonymous Bar – we didn’t go here to eat. We went here to drink. After randomly seeing the bar while we were walking, and their V for Vendetta logo we were intrigued and did some research. This place s incredible. It as a ‘normal’ menu full of incredible, revolution themed drinks and also a not so normal one. Actually three other not so normal ones. It was an exciting and fun experience – expensive but oh so worth it. I had a rose dry gin cocktail which still makes my mouth water and sister ordered one which required a show by the waiter and fire in the cocktail!
And this is only scratching the surface. Prague is full of vegetarian and vegan eateries – have fun exploring and finding your favourites!

Anonymous Bar

Bistro Sisters

Cacao Prague

Active Travel
For me a holiday isn’t a holiday without some sweat. Be that in the form of HIIT, walking for miles and miles, or running, I need to do something. Thankfully sister is the same. Prague has some of the most beautiful cobbled streets and scenery of any European city I have ever been to. In the morning we would wake up at 6am – I promise we were on holiday! – and go for a lovely 6km run before showering and changing for breakfast. There is something about running in a new place with new sights and sounds along the way. It adds an element of danger – no denying it – but also a new perspective.
We were staying right in the middle of the town and running from there across multiple bridges, including Charles Bridge, was all kinds of perfect. And yes, photobombing multiple wedding shoots taking place on Charles Bridge was an added bonus! And then along with the running we would walk EVERYWHERE. I think sister and I have an unsaid pact were we rather walk than take public transport.
We walked everywhere and if there is one thing you take from me in how to make your holiday more active is walking. If you’re like me, with a desk bound job then you spend a lot of your day sitting. It doesn’t matter if you run in the mornings or take a walk at lunch like I do. For me holidays are also a holiday from constantly sitting and staring at a computer. Prague is full of hills and parks. My things and butt worked hard to keep me going all holiday! It was also extremely warm – nay hot – whilst we were there and just walking brought in all the sweat.
I always pack as much as possible into my holidays and thankfully sister is the same. The two of us went everywhere possible and Prague has a lot to offer. Here are some of my favourite places to go to and things to do.
A free walking tour– this was the first thing we did. It lasted just under four hours and we learnt so much of the history and culture of Prague. We also had the chance to make a list of what we wanted to see with more time on our hands, and the places we were happy to miss.
Old Town Square – it didn’t take us long to explore the square but it’s so worth spending some time here. People watch and absorb the culture. Not much has changed here since the 10th century. Next to the square you also have the astronomical clock which does a little dance (and makes a little love) every hour. The place was heaving with tourists and I have to admit I didn’t quite ‘get’ the clock.
Charles Bridge – hands down my most favourite and the busiest bridge i have ever walked across. Prague is full of bridges yet everyone flocks to this one. The street performers, the stalls, the tourists – it’s heaving and amazing.
Prague Castle – entrance to the castle grounds is free yet if you want to visit St Vitus Cathedral, Bascillica of St George, or Golden Lane you need to buy a ticket. I think if the weather had been worse we would have bought a ticket to see all these places and escaped the elements. As it was, the weather was AMAZING. So instead of heading inside we strolled through the grounds, enjoying the views and the gardens whilst being very thankful we weren’t in the extremely long queues.
Lennon wall – this is the most beautifully graffiti-ed wall I have ever seen. Inspired by John Lennon and most of what he stood for (I have heard some strange stories about that man), this wall is all about peace.
Jewish Quarter – Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic was hugely impacted by World War 2 and the rise of the Nazis and fascism. Walking through here, vising a museum where the names of all those who perished are written on the walls was incredibly impactful.
Farmer’s Market – every Saturday just underneath the shadow of Vysehrad’s fortress there is one of the best farmer’s markets I have ever been to. Seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread and cakes, pickles and preserves were all on offer. We had breakfast here…and a lot of lunch too!
Petrin Hill – 299 stepts to the top and so, so worth it! The view is amazing and once you’ve had your fill with that, you can wonder around the place enjoying all the greenery.
Letna Park – another steep climb ad some more beautiful views and more grounds to walk on!
Again, this is just the tip of Prague’s ice berg. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money paying for entrance. Instead we spent most of our time walking outside, doing as much free stuff as possible.
Do I recommend Prague?
Yes, most definitely yes! I am so happy I can say that – the food the things to do, the sights? All amazing! Sister and I chose to have a fairly active holiday but if that’s not something which appeals to you then the transport system in Prague is wonderful. There is something for everyone, especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan.


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