Happy birthday to me!

Birthdays are glorious things and when I celebrated my #DirthyThirty earlier this month I was determined to have a good time. This is supposed to be a milestone birthday, when I welcome actual adulthood into my life and become an adult. The pressure was on and I wasn’t quite sure exactly what would happen. After all just how much fun can you have if the actual goal is to be in bed by 10pm?

I wish I was joking but I am not. Sleep is my one true obsession, my soulmate, and the only companion I want for the rest of my life. So when you take that into account, the fact I am a millennial, and that I live in London, there was only one option left really: brunch. With other millennials. Yes, you read that right – we all planned to squander our deposit money by buying all the avocado on toast we could.

I started inviting people convinced they would say no. Guess what? People said yes. A lot of people. And we all needed a large enough space to brunch in. After multiple ‘you’re fully booked?’ and even one ‘you want a thousand pound deposit?!’ I finally called London Grind who didn’t need a minimum spend or a deposit. It’s like they knew I couldn’t afford anything other than the already mentioned avocados and lottery tickets.

People arrived, we drank, we ate, we laughed, and I was possibly the happiest person in the world. I was surrounded by people I loved and who loved me eating some truly delicious food. It was perfect.

In fact that whole week was perfect because I had also signed up for my second Barry’s Bootcamp Hell Week. This means seven classes in seven days; you can read all about my first one here. The whole week had been a sweaty, exhausting roller-coaster ride and by the weekend I was feeling strong. I also had some pretty glorious DOMS but it felt amazing (I promise).

For me this was possibly the best birthday present I could give myself. I love Barry’s and their hell week is always so much fun. I already know I am signing up for their next one.

That Sunday I was told by my Mum and Sister to get out of the kitchen. As this is also possibly the best gift they could have given me, I made my way to my last Barry’s class and also then for a glorious long run in a forest / farmland where I bumped into dogs, cows, and sheep. By the time I’d finished and smelt less of manure and more of cherry blossoms and jasmine, I was allowed to go back downstairs.

Our dining room had been transformed and afternoon tea was about to be served. Three types of teas, five types of savoury sandwiches, four types of cupcakes, and one vegan cheesecake. I was in shock, in heaven, and over the moon. It was all homemade and it was all things we loved. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a wonderful afternoon tea before. (The last place I went to had scones like shite).

It was so amazing, here are just some of the pictures from the day.



When I was younger I thought I would spend my last night as a twenty something pissed as a fart snogging someone random in a darkly lit room. Well the reality was so, so different. On the actual day, I went to work, had a brilliant day and went to the cinema in the evening to watch Murder on the Orient Express.

I also thought I would spend a fortune on myself and spend multiple month’s wages on stuff. Apart from a pair of headphone I needed for work and Barry’s Hell Week, my bank balance hasn’t had a dent. Maybe this is me adulting and growing up? All I know for sure is that I love my current priorities – being healthy, spending time with my family, and going to bed on time. Dirty thirties, I can’t wait for you!

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